Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Sun Is Coming!

Since I'm not attending my church right now on Sunday mornings, I have been reading positive, spiritual books and also watching either Joyce Meyer or Joel Osteen on tv. Why am I not attending my local church? Well, I have my 'church' with Raye on Sunday mornings because that is the ONLY visitation time our District Attorney and the 'system' set up for us.
I was watching Joyce Meyer this evening, and this verse she read and shared just jumped out to me!

Isaiah 61:7

7 Instead of being put to shame
my people will receive a double share of wealth.
Instead of being dishonored
they will be glad to be in their land.
They will receive a double share of riches there.
And they'll be filled with joy that will last forever.

Our God is telling us that our rewards will be not only in heaven, but HERE, NOW! In our land! What a blessing! We are His children and He WILL take care of us. Our faith is strong.....He will never fail us.


  1. Spending time with Raye is like spending time in church. She is so spiritually full at this time in her life. She is understanding that God has a plan and though we don't understand Him allowing such suffering, we have put our trust in Him to see this through and to make things right. When you see Raye on Sunday, give her a big hug from me and tell her that my family is looking forward to making plans with her when the truth is brought to the light and the truth sets her free.

  2. You're so right! He hasn't failed me yet either!